13 March 2010

why you repeated again as memories? 
why you continue to move without waiting for us? 
I am waiting for you from the time school again? 
but why because you spotted some problems which I tried to hide you so erratic? 
you seem to hope that I am a plain-spoken, and I acknowledge that I know about the natural heart and may you also? 
My heart in the snatch, as the bill without cuts? 
how you try to continue as if I forget? 
or want to leave because I know I have it back? 
help me? 
do not torment me like this? 
there is another way other kan? 
Do you remain silent, it just ask me that? 
Allah, give me the answer? 
delete all the puzzles in this thought? 
and show you the truth .. 

to you my friend...